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This is What People Are Saying!

“I was taken back by the performance. It was gorgeous and so expressive! I really enjoyed the dancing and how you described all of the pieces.”

“Fabulous, so emotional!” 

“The piece with the dancing brought me to tears!” 

“Your concert was truly amazing! I loved the music!” 

“That was super cool!” 

“Such a beautiful performance! I loved your gorgeous playing, and I also enjoyed the way you described the pieces. The dancer was beautiful as well, and with that introspective music and intimate setting I had the impression that she was like your/the cello's inner thoughts personified.”  

“Your concept is a wonderful music concept combining all the elements that you are correct using together in the arts along with nature (my 2 favorite things). In this day and age of conflicts, pandemic, etc., it’s nice to view and read about new creativity in the music field.”  

“That was awesome at the beach! The music and the dancing I loved it. I watched from the top of the bluff, it was beautiful.”  

“This is the way to experience a concert!”  

“What a wonderful evening! The dancers matched the music, and the music sounded wonderful! And what a way to view it, the backdrop of the ocean and sunset was beautiful! You made my night! ”

“This was exactly what I needed! After such a long year, and personally a rough day, it was a joy to come to this!”